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My main stock in trade is Vintage clothes and hats, but I have three issues!

      1) A mountain of Vintage fabrics

  2) A history in fashion design

3) A low boredom threshold

So in my spare time, I create ‘Lovely Stuff’ from ‘Old Stuff’.

Upcycled clothes; Legwarmers; Applique jackt; Vintage Fabrics

For example, legwarmers and berets from old jumpers, hats from furnishing fabrics, bags of different styles from Vintage fabrics and leather & shearling found on Bridport Market.

I also rescue denim jackets and shake them up a little, add texture or applique, swap sleeves and generally funky them up, then release them back into the wild!

Many of these creations are for sale on the ‘Shop’ page but some of it sells so quickly on my Market stall that it doesn’t get to the site!

Vintage Textiles; Harris Tweed; Sanderson; Liberty
Workroom; Vintage Fabrics; Vintage clothes Restoration can see my problem...

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