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The Great Escape

Covid 19 deliveries - any excuse to get out!

Today is Tuesday and Tuesday is delivery day.

At the beginning of lockdown our local farm shop was struggling with the sudden changes to their business, as they said "we've gone from village shop to Ocado overnight"

It was an obvious decision, I had a redundant van on the drive, acres of spare time and a need to DO SOMETHING so I sent a quick message via Facebook "can I help?"

And now here I am 7 deliveries in and loving it!

Vintage clothes at the front, bread, eggs & plants at the back!

Before thid, I never realised the appeal of volunteering,this, you're adding value to people's day just by turning up.

People smile broadly when I ring the bell and step back and they see their groceriesand someone to chat to albeit briefly.

And I come away with a great feeling that you've left the world very slightly better than you found it.

Life gave me lemons, and I delivered them!


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