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The Sherborne Times


This is what I ask myself,
then I remember...

Creative children; Walsall College
  • 1968: My sister and I were painting fabric for mum to make into clothes.

  • 1972: I was making patchwork bags and maxi skirts at school.

  • 1978: I went to see Queen for the first time and began my obsession with Zandra Rhodes

  • 1981: I was picking up vintage clothes from The Bull Ring flea market and customising them and everything else I owned for me and my fellow art students.

Sryle Vintage; Fashion Designer
  • 1984: My freehand silk on silk embroidery won a national competition at The Royal School of Needlework

  • 1986: I was making Liberty print shirt dresses for a shop in Sherborne

  • 1990: I was making clothes at home for minor royalty and local hunt balls

  • 1995: I was making my own designs for Liberty & Harrods and the odd 'A' lister.

Style Vintage; 1980s Ballgowns
  • 1998: I was designing a Bridal collection in Bangalore.

  • 2005: I was managing fashion Boutiques in Devon honing my merchandising & stock control skills.

  • 2015: I opened a Vintage Boutique in Yeovil

  • 2016: My love for cold weather, sore hands and the art of van packing began #marketlife

Style Vintage Bridport Market

So these are my qualifications

50 years of sewing, buying, researching, designing, manufacturing, altering, restoring, pressing, spot cleaning and merchandising clothes and textiles, each one taught me a little more about fashion history.

(don't even start on my vintage fabric collection)

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